Practical Information

When to Come?

Guests visit Villa Talia Vashti all through the year. In Bali there is nominally a wet season (November to March) and a dry season (April to October). The dry season clearly has less rain, but while in the wet season there can be an occasional storm, East Bali (where Villa Talia Vashti is located) receives far less rain than central area around Ubud and normally the worst you will suffer is a short shower in the afternoon. On the plus side in the wet season the sea is warmer and the land is greener, and the diving is unaffected.

Visas for Bali

Visas are available on arrival for almost all Western and Asian nationals for free now (although some nationalities still require visas in advance or have to pay for "Visa on Arrival" so please check before you arrive in Bali the website to check is ‚Äč Bali airport is new and a joy to go through these days, and so there is no need for any special arrangements. There are ATMs and Bureau de Change on the way out of the arrivals hall, as well as a selection of Duty Free shops with very over-priced wine, beer and spirits.

Once you exit customs, the driver from Villa Talia Vashti will be there waiting for you with a sign (if you have arranged an airport transfer through us) and will take you to your vehicle and help you with your luggage.

Money in Bali

The local currency is Indonesian Rupiah. There are cash points all over Bali now, and also at the airport as well so it is easy to withdraw cash Rupiah when you need it. If you are bringing cash, most major currencies are accepted, but the best exchange rates are for cash USD and to a lesser extent cash AUD. There are unscrupulous cash dealers in Bali, and the golden rule is that if a rate looks far too good there probably is a good reason for that. Best and safest way to get cash though is to withdraw it from a cash point or to use credit cards that are widely accepted as well. At Villa Talia Vashti however we are only able to accept payment in cash Rupiah.


Children are welcome at Villa Talia Vashti. We have all facilities needed for infants (such as high chairs and cots) and also provide a free babysitting service and kids meals. Please be aware however that the pool is deep (1.75m) and that there are no fences or other restrictions around the pool or the pond, so small children do need to be watched carefully.

The staff of Villa Talia Vashti are however well used to handling children and are available throughout the day to provide whatever assistance your require.


Under normal circumstances security is not a concern in Bali. The Balinese people are Hindu, and are honest and peaceable. Crime is relatively minor even in tourist hot spots such as Kuta and the overwhelming majority of tourists that visit Bali have a wonderful time and never have any security concerns at all.

This is particularly true in strongly local Balinese areas such as Mendira where Villa Talia Vashti is located where everyone knows everyone and anyone from outside of the village is recognized as such very quickly.

We do however still have security 24 hours/day, but this is more to assist you if you have any problems rather than to counter any external threat.

Water Supplies

Villa Talia Vashti has its own private well that is drilled into a fresh water reservoir several metres below the surface of the earth. Although we have tested the water and believe that it is safe to drink, we do actually recommend that you drink the bottled water that is provided free of charge at the villa throughout your stay.

How to get to Villa Talia Vashti?

Directions to Bali

Bali lies about 2.5 hours flight away from Singapore or the same from Perth in Australia. The capital of Bali is Denpasar, and there are many flights to Denpasar (DPS) from Australia, most European cities, the US West Coast and Japan primarily via Singapore, Hong Kong and Guam (from the US). Several large carriers fly to Bali such as Garuda, Singapore Airlines, Malaysian Airlines, Qantas, KLM as well many other large european carriers also fly to Bali. Direct flights from cities in Asia and Australia to Bali are increasingly easy and cheap thanks to the arrival of a number of budget airlines such as Air Asia (Malaysia and Thailand), Valuair (Singapore) and Jetstar & Virgin (Australia & New Zealand). Further afield there are even direct flights from Moscow (with Transaero) and from Japan (with Jalways). Most tickets can be booked over the internet without a problem.

Directions to Villa Talia Vashti

From Denpasar (Bali) Airport follow the signs to Denpasar (not Kuta) this will take you to a large roundabout. Go across the roundabout to go onto the Toll Road that is signposted to Sanur and Gianyar. This road takes you out over the sea and rejoins at the Sanur Bypass, just south of Sanur

Turn right onto the bypass heading north, and after about 20 minutes you will reach a large junction with signs to Gianyar. Follow these signs by taking the right hand lane and following the road around what is in effect a huge roundabout until heading out on the new dual carriage road that heads east. Follow the new road straight on for about 40 minutes.

This road now goes direct to Candi Dasa. Simply follow it past the turnings to Padang Bai (for ferries to Lombok) and the small town of Manggis. As you approach the final few km to Candi Dasa you will see increasing numbers of signs for "Candi Beach Cottages". This 4* resort lies close to Villa Talia Vashti so you are going in the right direction if you follow these signs. As you near Candi Dasa you will see a turning to the right and a large advertising sign to "Mendira Beach" (as well as to Candi Beach Cottages).

Turn into this road and follow it to the right. Drive past the school and past Candi Beach Cottages (marked as (3) on the map below), and keep following the road until you reach the traditional Balinese village of Mendira where the road narrows. Drive through the village (watch out for the speed bumps) and follow the road as it exits the village and bends left and then right again. Immediately after the right bend is the private road on the left that leads to Villa Talia Vashti. Simply follow it to the end past the other smaller villas to get to Villa Talia Vashti.

If this all sounds too difficult then simply drive to Candidasa itself, sit yourself down in one of the restaurants there and have a drink and then give our local manager Ketut a call and he will come and guide you to Villa Talia Vashti personally.

It should take you about ninety minutes to reach Villa Talia Vashti from Denpasar Airport, or about 40 minutes from Tulumben if you are coming from the East.

If this all sounds too difficult then simply drive to Candi Dasa itself, sit yourself down in one of the restaurants there and have a drink and then give our local manager Ketut a call and he will come and guide you to Villa Talia Vashti personally.